Third PDI Merit Competition

By | 12th February 2022

Third PDI Merit Competition – Judge:  Giles Barkley

We welcomed Giles to his first visit to Worthing Camera Club to judge our third PDI Competition this season. Giles belongs to Locksheath and Sarisbury Camera Club based in Southampton and enjoys taking photographs of a general nature. He explained he likes to take photos of cityscapes, landscapes, etc. usually but during the COVID 19 Lockdown took different images such as bees, and more close up subjects. By doing different styles of photography himself, he began to appreciate how good some of the images were and what some photographs had achieved.

The evening commenced with the judging of the 28 Beginners’ images. Giles was very impressed with the quality of the images overall and gave some interesting feedback, with useful hints and tips on how to improve their techniques. These included tonal qualities, compositions, exposures, and cropping to enhance the subject within the images. Out of the 28 images Giles held 9 back for final scoring.

Giles then judged the 18 images submitted by the Intermediate group of photographers, and once again was impressed by their quality. His comments included using black and white tones to enhance patterns and shapes, using red skies and silhouettes as a dramatic effect, re-positioning of the photographer, more depth of field, and angled shots. Out of the 18 images Giles held back 5 for final scoring.

Last, but not least, Giles proceeded to judge the 23 images submitted by the Advanced group of photographers. He commented on vertical lines, good compositions, backgrounds, movement, depth of field, lighting, etc. Out of the 23 images Giles held 7 back.

Giles’ ‘Best of the Evening’ went to Grant Lawrence for ‘What a Place to Break Down’. The winners from each group category are as follows:

Beginners:  Grant Lawrence – ‘What a Place to Break Down’

Intermediate: Dave Tanner – ‘Evening Stroll’

Advanced: Mike Doyle – ‘Snake in the Grass’

We would like to thank Giles for his comments and suggestions on all the images displayed this evening. Grateful thanks also go to Rob for collating and organising the images, Vince and Liz for keeping the scores, and last but not least, our members for submitting such an amazing variety of images for everyone to enjoy.

The Committee