2024 Smartphone Camera Challenge – The results

By | 1st July 2024

Between 8 – 23 June Worthing held its Festival and we ran the Smartphone Camera Challenge.

On behalf of Worthing Camera Club I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who joined us on our walks, took part in the challenges and shared some of their images for the competition. I would also like to thank the judging panel, given the number and quality of images submitted it was a difficult job.

The purpose of the Festival is to encourage residents and visitors to be creative and to showcase Worthing’s creative talents. For us, the purpose of the challenge is to demonstrate that a Smartphone Camera is a “proper” camera and with a little understanding can be used to create beautiful and unusual images. This year’s competition was fun and enjoyable for us and we hope you enjoyed the event too? It is always wonderful to see so many different and creative ways of capturing the same subject.

Congratulations to each of our challenge Winners.


Please click on any image to enlarge it. All of the images entered can be viewed by following the links below each winning image. I would encourage everyone to review all of the images and appreciate how impressive the entries were this year.


1. A long(ish) exposure – Carrie-Anne Sillence

All images for a Log(ish) exposure can be seen here.

2. A reflection – Nikki Clarke

All images for a Reflection can be seen here.

3. An animal – Mia Reilly

All images for an Animal can be seen here.

4. An image of the funniest thing you can find – Andy Rutherford

All images for “the Funniest thing you can find” can be seen here.

5. An image that makes you think of Worthing – Andy Rutherford

All entries for images that make you think of Worthing can be seen here.

6. A Triptych – Andy Rutherford

All Triptych images can be seen here.

7. Deckchair – Andy Rutherford

All Deckchair images can be seen here.

8. Fishing Boat – Andy Rutherford

All Fishing Boat images can be seen here.

9. Ice Cream – Nikki Clarke

All Ice Cream images can be seen here.

10. The Lido – Gage Arneaud

All “The Lido” images can be seen here.

11. Make a panorama – Carrie-Anne Sillence

All Panorama images entered can be seen here.

12. Portrait (or a selfie) – Mike Doyle

All Portrait images can be seen here.

13. Seagull – Andy Rutherford

All Seagull images can be seen here.

14. Mini Garden – Sarah West

All Mini Garden images can be seen here.

15. Shelter – Gage Arneaud

All Shelter images can be seen here.

16. A Black & White image – Steve Kirkby

All Black & White entries can be seen here.

17. A Candid image – Andy Rutherford

All Candid entries can be seen here.

18. Something that rhymes with “Sand” – Sarah West

All entries for “Rhymes with Sand” can be seen here.

19. The Pavillion – Joint Winners Nikki Clarke and Andy Rutherford

All images of the Pavillion can be seen here.

20. Worthing pier – Mike Doyle

All images of Worthing Pier can be seen here.