The Committee

Our Committee for the 2021/22 year is:

Chairperson: Vacant
Vice Chair: Remains Vacant
Treasurer: Mike Ghibaldan
Secretary: Vince Knight
Membership Secretary: Vince Knight
Programme Secretary: Kathie Bignell
Assistant Programme Secretary:  Remains Vacant
Publicity Secretary: Barbara Chapman
External Competition Secretary: Sheila Higgs
Assistant External Competition Secretary: Richard Clegg
Webmaster: Jackie Tourle
Print Competition Secretary: Vacant
Assistant Print Secretary: David Roll
PDI Competition Secretary: Rob Ryan
Assistant PDI Secretary: Mike Gibbons
Committee Member: Mirza Khurum Baig
Committee Member: John Nalaskowski

If you have any questions or wish for more information please do not hesitate to contact us by going to our “Contact” page.  A member of the committee will get back to you soon.