Motion Capture – Edward Hyde

By | 27th January 2022

25th January – Motion Capture – Edward Hyde

This evening we had an excellent zoom presentation from Edward Hyde talking about Motion Capture. Eddie’s presentation was full of a good mixture of subjects from cars, planes, birds, other assorted wildlife, followed by waterfalls, and to top it off an Aura, and astro-photography.

Showing the shutter speed with each image helped explain the principles of motion capture techniques. Including how different shutter speeds can enhance the visual interpretation of movement, with panning and camera angles to help tell the story.

Explaining which are the most appropriate focus option to use, just as continued focus, continuous shooting (bursts) and 9 point AF selection. He also demonstrated how the same effect can be achieved in post processing with some basic photoshop skills.

It was a very engaging, informative and entertaining presentation. Eddie has a relaxed and approachable style which helped the evening flow. It was a very enjoyable zoom meeting and grateful thanks to Eddie.

Vince Knight