Portrait Competition PDI

By | 8th November 2018

On Tuesday we welcomed back Tracey McEachran to judge our portrait competition. There were 58 images submitted which is a good show by our members and it gave Tracey a tough challenge with the high standard set. But her critique was helpful and fair and her scores reflected this so we showed our thanks and appreciation to Tracey.

It was a straight competition with no classes and, as is so often the case, the best of evening was awarded to a beginner, one of our new members, Mia Frost for her image of “The Inventor”, shown above.

Very well done to Mia, but let us not forget to congratulate the other four top scorers who made it to the final “Best of Evening” showdown of images scoring 20 points:

Mirza Khurrum Baig for two images “Cat Lover” and “Happy”
Fred Bell for “The Look of Love”
Mike Doyle for “Disobedient Model”
Vince Knight for”Bird Watcher”

The final score sheet is available here: scores