Make it Your Own 2024

By | 28th February 2024

27 February 2024

This was our annual Make it Your Own competition. Where members are given an unpromising set of source images to create something interesting from. And our members didn’t let us down.

It was judged in each of the three classes and then an overall winner was chosen.

The winners in each class were:

Beginners, “That’s the way to do it” (David Parkinson)

Intermediate, “Garden Railway” (Kevin Hobbs)

Advanced, “Abracadabra” (John Nalakowski)

The overall winner was “Abracadabra” by John Nalaskowski

All of the entries can be seen here

The night was rounded off with a quick review of how to do multiple image composites in Snapseed.

As a reminder here are tidied up versions of what we walked through last night.

Much better inspiration can be found here.

Graphic design (Glenys Garnett) – Leeds a new eye here

Multiple exposures (Frank Machalowski) – Urban tree here

Creative composites (Erik Almas) – here