Speaker – Viveca Koh FRPS FIPS – Urban Exploration to Fine Art: A Photographic Journey

By | 20th February 2024

20 February 2024

Viveca presented her journey in photography. From her discovery and love of Urban Exploration through to Fine Art. The first half of her talk covered her journey up to her LRPS.

Viveca started her photographic journey doing Architectural photography in Central London, where she worked. Then Viveca discovered Urban Exploration (“UrbEx” or “UE”). UrbEx is a sub-genre of Architectural photography and is mostly about exploring the abandoned urban environment. As her initial set of images demonstrated Viveca was first drawn to abandon Asylums (Hellingly Hospital and West Park). Her images use natural light and occasionally a torch for darker environments. Some of the images were staged for narrative, but using only items found within the abandoned building. The images then moved on to Mortuaries and then Industrial buildings before moving to a domestic building “Potters Manor”, now known as “Highwell House”.

The second half of Viveca’s presentation covered her progression from her ARPS and through to her FRPS (her progression into a Fine Art photographer). Viveca demonstrated how using textures that compliment an image adds another layer to the image. Generally Viveca uses the “multiply” blend mode. The Multiply blend mode, blends the layer and the base layer to create darker colours, which seems to add weight to the texture. Viveca also employs masks to ensure the subject isn’t overwhelmed by the texture. The textures used were relevant and supported each subject.

Finally Viveca demonstrated that UrbEx photographers like to take self-portraits before leaving an abandoned building, and she used this to create composite photographs for fun, and finally with more serious messages.

All in all a very thought provoking talk and enjoyed by all.