An Evening With Lyn Phillips

By | 26th September 2018

Lyn, as usual, delivered a fascinating evening packed with information and ideas on photography, image processing, creativity, printing and so much more. Lyn’s entertaining and engaging style kept us all involved throughout the whole evening and there simply wasn’t enough time to cover all the topics on the agenda. We did, however, learn a great deal from the presented information and, along with the individual group discussions around the table, it gave us all something to think about. No matter how experienced we thought we were, each of us took something new away to put into practice and we all showed Lyn our appreciation for a brilliant evening.

To keep the momentum going, next week we will be showing some practical aspects of Lyn’s talk including

  • Preparing PDIs (Projected Digital Images) for competitions using the new PAGB standard of 1600 pixels wide by 1200 high – a 40% increase in quality, so well worth doing (PAGB = Photographic Alliance of Great Britain)
  • Printing options and Mounting Prints
  • Calibrating your computer screen colours
  • Photo organising and editing software
  • The Programme and club activities

Here are some more images of members enjoying the evening: