Portrait Photography Techniques

By | 18th October 2018

On Tuesday 16th, Khurrum and Rajinder presented an evening introducing the Club Members to the art of studio photography.

They demonstrated the importance of the correct lighting and equipment needed to achieve the best portraits and we were introduced to soft boxes, umbrellas, barn doors, reflectors etc.

They showed us how to achieve portraits with completely black or white backgrounds by moving the models’ position in relation to the background and making sure the flash power and camera settings gave a pleasing result.

In the first half of the evening Khurrum  made a comprehensive presentation about the set up and equipment required and emphasised how important it was to achieve a result which was right for the photographer, because each person has their own preferences.

After tea break, Khurrum and Rajinder put the theory into practice.  Vince was our planned model but he was taken ill with ‘man flu’, (sorry Vince, get well soon) at the last minute Sheila stepped into the role.

The members were shown how to create different images, from hard lighting, producing sharp shadows, to soft flattering lighting, emphasising again the effects of flash power and distance, camera settings and model placement.

We all learned a lot from the evening and are looking forward to next Tuesday when Members are encouraged to bring their cameras along and ‘have a go’!

Some images of the evening:


Report by Sheila