6th October – Zoom Meeting

By | 7th October 2020

We had another successful ‘get to know’ zoom meeting, with 14 members attending this week, who were not only able to share images and tell the stories behind them, but also to explain different techniques and how they achieved the end result. It is hoped to show more of these in the future. We also discussed the ‘Make it your Own’ competition and the problems downloading of the images recently sent via the ‘groups.io’. Dave Burton kindly agreed to send the images out again separately to all members, and it is hoped they are received in the correct size i.e. 1200 x 1600. Due to the delay, it was decided to extend the deadline to midnight on Sunday 11th October to allow more time to produce those ‘masterpieces’. The judging of the ‘Make it your Own’ was discussed and it was agreed that this will be done by a ‘show of hands’ (electronically of course), to find the overall winner. Just as a reminder of last year’s competition Rob showed all the previous entries, which as well as giving us a huge smile, gave us all a little bit of inspiration to get our thinking caps on again. One positive note, is that a Zoom meeting allows individual members to share not only images, but also videos, and we were able to see a Vulcan bomber flying over Shoreham during the air show in 2014. What an amazing sight. So members, if you would like some advice, share information, or just want to come along as a spectator please don’t hesitate to join our next meeting, which will be confirmed on the ‘Coming Up’ page.