Speaker – James Ratchford – Street and Landscape photography

By | 3rd April 2024

2 April 2024

During the first half of his presentation, James showcased his street photography spanning from Edinburgh to Sussex. He shared his approach of seeking out captivating locations and patiently waiting for subjects to naturally interact with the scene. James emphasized his preference for prime lenses, particularly 50mm or 14mm, and his technique of shooting from the hip to capture candid moments while avoiding confrontation. Additionally, he suggested using architectural elements such as windows as frames, both for compositional purposes and to ease discomfort when photographing strangers. James also presented a selection of street images featuring urban landscapes devoid of people, showcasing his interest in capturing unconventional scenes and employing colour themes to enhance visual impact.

In the 2nd half of the presentation, James transitioned to his landscape photography, starting with images captured in Scotland before focusing on the landscapes of the South Downs and the Sussex coast. Living near Firle in East Sussex, James highlighted his intimate knowledge of the region, showcasing the diverse vistas of the Cuckmere valley from Alfriston to the coast. He drew attention to lesser-known photography spots such as High and Over Car Park and Seaford Head Nature Reserve, demonstrating how changing perspectives and seasons can drastically alter the mood and composition of an image. James also showcased examples featuring iconic landmarks like the Seven Sisters, Belle Tout, and Beachy Head lighthouse, illustrating the dynamic interplay between geography, weather, and photographic technique.

Throughout the presentation, James’s passion for photography and his deep connection to the Sussex landscape shone through, as he artfully conveyed the transformative power of capturing fleeting moments and ever-changing scenery.

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