PDI Set Subject Competition – Architecture

By | 12th March 2022

Tuesday 8th March 2022

PDI Set Subject Competition – Architecture – Judge: Ian Bateman

We were very pleased to welcome Ian Bateman to judge our PDI Set Subject competition on Architecture. Ian has been involved with camera clubs for between 40 and 50 years, and in that time has been a member of Wantage Camera Club until moving to Exmouth in Devon. He has been the Chairman of Exmouth Camera Club and the President of the Western Counties Photographic Federation. Ian likes general photography, but he does specialise in audio visual presentations and he is on the panel of the Royal Photographic Society and the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.

As this is a set subject competition there were no beginners, intermediate, or advanced categories and each image was judged equally. The main points raised were the use of good lighting to highlight key areas, converging verticals, good contrast, sunlight and shadows. There were several monochrome images, which worked very well, however Ian explained the use of using good tonal ranges in order to enhance the contrast. He also pointed out how symmetry plays a key part in the design of an image, and how human interest can give more elements to an image. Ian’s comments on all the images were very comprehensive and he offered some very constructive and helpful advice on how they could be enhanced.

During the scoring of all 54 images, Ian held back 7 for further consideration, and chose the following as the top three of the evening:

First place – ‘Iconic’ – Mirza Khurrum Baig

Second Place – ‘Wrest Park’ – Jerry Slack

Third Place – ‘Reflections of Office Life’ – Grant Lawrence

We would like to give our very grateful thanks to Ian for a very informative evening and for giving such invaluable advice. Grateful thanks also go to Rob for organising and presenting the images, and to Gerry and Vince for recording the scores. Last, but not least, many thanks to all those members who took part in the competition, and to all members for continuing to support our lovely camera club.

The Committee