It’s a Knockout – Open PDI Competition

By | 27th November 2019

Our in-house ‘It’s a knockout’ PDI competition was held on Tuesday 26th November and was a great success. There were 54 entries competing against each other, which were shown in pairs, and the scores were achieved with a show of hands from the enthusiastic audience. It was evident from the start that one of the main topics was a range of ‘cats’ from cute domestic varieties to wild and feral, but they had strong competition from beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, the birds and the bees, flowers, and some humorous subjects, which gave much amusement. Due to the amount of very good entries, it became more and more difficult to select the finalists, however the results were as follows:

First place went to Babs Chapman for ‘Halnaker’

Second place went to Dave Tanner for ‘Frosty Paws’

Following the competition, all images were shown individually and members gave a brief overview of what, where, and how they had achieved each one. This was also well received and very helpful to the audience.

Grateful thanks go to Kathy, who developed the competition for the first time and, due to its success, will go on to be included in future club events. Thanks also to Rob, for collating the images and ensuring the smooth running of the projector. Thank you Liz and Dave Burton for giving such informative introductions to each image, and to Vince who entertained the audience while counting the show of hands. Last, but not least, thanks to members who prepared the room, made refreshments, and helped to clear up at the end of the evening.