Annual Set Subject PDI Competition

By | 28th March 2021

23rd March 2021

Annual Set Subject PDI Competition – Judge: Paul Bradley

This evening we welcomed judge Paul Bradley, Chairman of Niton & District Camera Club on the Isle of Wight. The topic of this competition was ‘Patterns and Shapes’ and Paul certainly had a full evening judging 74 entries. He commented on the diversity and originality of entries, and that a great deal of thought had been given to portraying everyday subjects in a variety of ways. Paul spent time on each entry, giving the photographer some very positive feedback on various issues including composition, contrast, perspectives, symmetry and ‘painting with light’, which members found extremely useful. Thank you Paul for a very entertaining and informative evening.

Out of the many diverse and imaginative images, Paul chose these 3 as the best:

In first place:
Mirza Khurrum Baig – ‘Dots’

In second place:
Babs Chapman – ‘Bubble Circles’

In third place:
Maureen Martin – ‘Sea Shapes’

The two runner’s up were:
Mike Gibbons – ‘Shapes and Shadows of Oia’

Jackie Tourle – ‘Courgetti Spaghetti’

Grateful thanks go to Mike Ghibaldan for hosting the evening, as well as Liz and Vince for ensuring accurate scores. Also, a special thank you to Mike Gibbons for his inauguration into presenting the images, which went very smoothly. We would also like to thank our members for submitting such amazing images, and for such a great turn out on the night, which is enabling our club to continue under such extraordinary circumstances. Very well done everyone.

The full list of entries and scores can be found under the ‘Competitions/Results 20/21’ tab.

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