An Evening with Gavin Hoey

By | 9th November 2017

A brilliant evening with Gavin as usual, well attended and supported by many members from other local camera clubs – thankyou all for coming!

Gavin’s theme was “Lighten Up” and revolved around the use of lighting and composition to give every-day items such as tea light candles much more interest by careful arrangement, lighting and, of course, the correct camera settings. He showed both the photography techniques and post-processing in quick succession with a big screen display of his set-up so the whole audience could see what was going on.

In the second part, Gavin called for a volunteer so that he could create an interesting portrait and Vince stepped up for his moment of fame! Gavin stressed the minimal equipment he was going to use and demonstrated various effects that could be achieved by various arrangements of the flashes, different camera settings and adjustments in post-processing using Lightroom, Camera RAW and Photoshop. Vince was then adorned with over 5kg of chain mail armour and a (wooden) sword for head and shoulders portraits and Gavin created an aggressive-looking image by asking Vince to growl at the camera whilst Gavin’s wife added smoke effects behind the subject. Hopefully we will have a selection of images to show once Gavin has provided us with a selection.

Overall a very successful evening and all those attending looked as though they had thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to all of those who helped to make this a great evening. Here are Gavin’s images of Vince in various stages of shock and horror!