Worthing Festival 2023 – Smartphone Challenge Results

By | 8th July 2023

On behalf of Worthing Camera Club I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who submitted entries. There were many and varied images for each challenge and it was good to see such imaginative and creative interpretations. The scoring wasn’t easy for the judges and the results were close in most categories.

Just a reminder that there were two in-person events (Wednesday 14 June evening, Saturday 17 June morning), and then anyone unable to join either event was invited to take part in their own time. There was a prescribed route and 19 challenges (yes, Deckchair was duplicated – #2 & #5). Images had to be taken on a phone and could only be edited with software on the phone. Submissions closed on Friday 30 June.

The entries under each challenge were passed (anonymously) to a panel of 6 judges, who then scored the submitted images independently and their results have been collated to decide the final list of winners.

The results are as follows:

Challenge #1 Lamppost – Karen Phillips

Challenge #2 Deckchair – Anna Cronin

Challenge #3 Shelter – Sarah Harris

Challenge #4 Fishing Boat – Dave Franchi

Challenge #6 An Ice Cream – Joint winners Jenny Burn’s daughter and Sarah Harris

Challenge #7 A Seagull – Mary Lannia

Challenge #8 A Stone stack – Sarah Harris

Challenge #9 The Pier – Dave Franchi


Challenge #10 The Dome – Mary Lannia

Challenge #11 A sign – Jenny Burn’s daughter

Challenge #12 An animal – Dave Franchi

Challenge #13 The spirit of East Beach – Gage Arneaud

Challenge #14 Selfie with Worthing landmark – Gage Arneaud

Challenge #15 3 Compositions of same subject – Joint winners Gage Arneaud and Grant Lawrence

Challenge #16 Street / Documentary style image – Karen Phillips

Challenge #17 Funniest subject – Linda Leaney

Challenge #18 An image that makes you think of Worthing – Sarah Harris

Challenge #19 Black and White image – Mary Lannia

Challenge #20 Something that rhymes with “pier” – Jenny Burn’s daughter

Remember the Club holds regular competitions, including “Merit” competitions, where competitors are split between “Beginners”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced”. The Club’s competitions are independently judged and the judges give constructive, verbal feedback on every image, which helps to develop your photography.