Portrait PDI Competition Results

By | 29th November 2017

Click here for the score sheet

A good number of entries (51) made this a full evening of judging by Tracey McEachran who, once again, gave fair and full critique to the images presented. At the end of the evening there were ten held images and, after further deliberation, Tracey selected the following images as the three best from the six images which scored 20, with Chris Gledhill’s “Railway Worker” taking best of evening. Congratulations to Chris (who, with two 20s and a 19, had the highest aggregate score of the evening), Barry and Sheila (Two 20s)  for the top three and for Kathie Bignell for the remaining 20 score. It’s good to see the subject of portrait photography gaining momentum and it is great that so many entries were submitted.

First Place: “Railway Worker” by Chris Gledhill

Second Place: “Worlds Apart” by Barry Dewdney

Third Place: “Rajinder” by Sheila Higgs