Macro Photography – Colleen Slater

By | 16th October 2019

Tuesday 15th October


Members and guests were treated to an inspirational presentation by Colleen Slater.

Colleen specialises in macro photography and is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society whose work is regularly shown in International exhibitions. Her passion developed during her childhood in South Wales, where she spent much of her time exploring the countryside. Her enthusiasm for the natural world enables her to highlight the fascinating aspects of wildlife creatures of all shapes and sizes, which we are unable to see with the naked eye.

Colleen’s relaxed, friendly, enthusiastic style was very welcomed by all those present, no matter what their level of capability, technical knowledge or expertise. It was extremely useful to know how the photographs were achieved, from equipment, camera settings, lighting and focusing, as well as composition and post processing. She certainly gave many of us inspiration to go out there and ‘have a go’ and become at one with nature in our own way.