East Preston Calendar – The results are in

By | 13th October 2023

This year, on May 25th, we embarked on an additional outing to East Preston in response to a challenge to capture images of East Preston for the 2024 Parish Calendar. This challenge was extended to all residents of East Preston, with a deadline set for September 5th.

After our outing, we submitted our images to the Parish Council for their evaluation. Following careful consideration, they have chosen nine images for inclusion in the calendar:

  • Celia Buckley: East Preston Sign
  • Mike Ghibaldan: Manor Road Garage
  • Kevin Hobbs: Clock and Church crucifix
  • Mirza Khurrum Baig: Cyclist on main street
  • Shirley Mullens: Post box & bench and 2 Acres
  • Mike Doyle: Beach and Village

It is expected that the calendar will be available for purchase by November 25th.

Note: The Parish Council asked for photos of East Preston across all seasons. Obviously we were unable to meet this request, but something to bear in mind for next year?