Wire Wool Spinning Evening

By | 2nd November 2019

29th October 2019

Report by Vince Knight

We at Worthing Camera Club did something we haven’t done for several years…  Wire Wool Spinning!!

Jan Budgen (current Committee member) had asked her friend Ian if he would present the evening and I must say we had a very good turnout with 18+ members. It was a very, very cold and windy evening and poor Ian had his work cut out trying to get the wire wool to light. We didn’t have much time to take our images as the wire wool explosion only lasted around 8-9 seconds, so you had to be awake and on the ball to make sure you got the shot you were looking for.

Ian was very good, giving us a couple of different view points to take our images, moving from the rocks to the waterfront so we could get some reflections in our images.

We then went back to Quaker Meeting Hall and had a cuppa and biscuits, and some of the members showed their images and did some editing, before the evening came to a close. It was a very enjoyable evening, and we all managed to capture some amazing and unusual shots.

I would very much like to thank Jan and Ian for organising the evening, which was most enjoyable, and we have received plenty of positive comments and seen many excellent images on our club Facebook site from the members who attended.