2018 Print Panel Competition

By | 7th February 2018

The Print Panel Competition was very well supported and we had so many entries that our print rack was full, the tables were full and the piano became a makeshift print stand! 19 members submitted panels approaching 100 images in total with one entry having 24! As our judge couldn’t make it, Maureen and Keith kindly volunteered to critique the panels while scores were provided by members. In the end this gave a good range of scores as, for once, it wasn’t the opinion of a single person and gave the members a chance to express their own judgement on every panel.

The scores are available on this link [Panel Scores 2018] and the best of the evening were as follows:

1st Maureen Martin with “Beach Combing Treasures”

2nd Gerry Slack with “Power And Grace”

3rd= Kathy Bignell with “A Deluge Of Decorated Doors”

3rd= Barry Chidlow with “”Padley Gorge”

Congratulations to all of them for their excellent work.

Thanks to members who made the evening so successful by submitting some great entries and helping with the critique and scoring.

Some images of the night can be found on our Facebook page. Follow the link at the bottom of the page.