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This is a page for members to share their tips on how to take better photographs and for their favourite methods for post processing. There are many different methods in image processing software to achieve the same thing but certain processes will suit an individual’s style better than others. Most guides here will probably be either Photoshop (CS, CC or Elements) or Adobe Lightroom but the principles applied in one piece of  software should still hold true for others. If you want your guide to be included on here, please send it via Groups.io with the subject heading reading “Learning”. Also, make sure it is clear enough for those less familiar with modern computer and photographic technology and jargon to understand and, above all, make sure it works before sending it! (We won’t necessarily have time to test it before publishing.)


1. Photo Judging Checklist. A downloadable document for self assessing an image/print prior to competition entry.

2. The Photographers Ephemeris. A useful app that shows the sun (and moon) direction from any location at any particular time of day.

3. Focus Stacking. A Gavin Hoey Video on how to do focus stacking in post processing, a very useful method to know for macro photography.


1. Photo Judging Checklist. Click anywhere on this sentence for a downloadable check list for self assessing an image/print prior to entry.


2. The Photographer’s Ephemeris

This link will take you to a useful tool for determining Sun and Moon direction at any given location at any time of day or night. It’s free to use as well.


3. Focus Stacking

This video by Gavin Hoey will demonstrate how to easily use focus stacking during post processing. This method is very useful for macro photography but has many other applications as well.