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Published on June 22nd, 2017 | by David Burton


Visit to Steyning

A rather warm walk around Steyning, on one of the hottest days of the year, gave us the chance to explore parts of the village we wouldn’t normally see as a shopper. By looking up above the shop fronts we were able to see some very old buildings, some with Horsham Stone roofs and other interesting features – few were of the same construction which is part of the character of the village. Kathie led the way as she was familiar with the village though for some strange reason she did spend a while furtively taking pictures of a flint wall!! We strolled as far as Mouse Lane at one end of the village to St Andrews Church in the centre, pausing there to take some shots of the statue of St Cuthman in pensive mood – not surprising after he had destroyed the local farmers’ crops after his mother had fallen off his cart. He did build them a nice new church, so he was obviously not so bad after all.

There was a lot of photo-talk about settings and shots and interestingly most, if not all, cameras on the night were mirrorless.

Although there were fewer of us on this walk than last week, it was a very pleasant evening, though walking past the pubs with people sitting in the gardens sipping cold drinks proved difficult!

Thanks to those who came along and made the evening enjoyable.

Dave Burton

St Cuthman

St Andrews Church

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