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About Our Club Competitions

As a club, we regularly compete against each other in competition. In order to try and keep it fair, our members are divided into three classes (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) for the Merit Competitions which are basically leagues for each class to compete against each other over the course of a season. The Open Competitions do not have any classes.

The Print Panel competition is a set of inter-related prints, normally consisting of an odd number of mounts which are arranged in a set order, designed to be the most pleasing.

The PDI Set Subject Competition varies as either the Programme Secretary or Competition Secretary sets the subject for each competition which might be a straight forward subject such as ‘The Beach’ or maybe a more subjective subject like ‘Mood’.

Our Annual Print and PDI competitions are made up of five subjects; General, Landscape, Nature, Monochrome, and Portrait. Our members generally enter their very best into these and the standards are exceptionally high. A winner is declared from each subject and then a Print or PDI of the Year is then declared from one of these five, along with a runner-up.

2016 saw the inauguration of the Ronald Cain Trophy which centres around Worthing as its subject. Ronald was a member of our club during the sixties and had an abiding love for Worthing. His nephew, Colin Howard, has very kindly donated a new trophy for this purpose to commemorate his Uncle. This is intended to be a prestigious competition and Colin, an experienced photographer and judge himself, will be travelling down from Norfolk to judge the event.

In all of the above competitions, an independent judge casts his or her expert eye over each entry, providing advice and constructive criticism on them individually before awarding a score (out of twenty) and finally deciding on the best print or PDI of the night. It might seem, at first glance, that the open competitions are a bit unfair on the beginners who have to compete against members with many years of experience. This is not actually the case as a Beginner or Intermediate entry very often wins.

Competition Rules

Please click on the desired competition for the rules.

PLEASE NOTE: The PDI Entry Email Address shown in the rules below has been discontinued. Please use the new email address circulated by email in December 2017 on The rules are to be updated to include this amendment.

Please ask if you aren’t sure.





THE RONALD CAIN TROPHY RULES (OPEN) – Rules to be confirmed.



Print Preparation

General competition rules specify that mounts must be 40cm x 50cm. The only exception to this is for the Beginners Class in the Merit Competitions and the Print Panel Competitions where mounts up to 40cm x 50cm can be accepted.

The print can be placed anywhere on the mount. Any colour is acceptable. Prints do not have to be mounted in ‘cut out’ double mounts but can also be adhered to the surface of a mount board. Please bear in mind however that prints must be acceptable to the print secretary and should not be mounted in such a way that other prints are damaged when stored in the boxes used for the competitions. Mounts do not require a backing board but it is advisable to do so for protection. Prints framed in glass or similar are not acceptable.

Demonstrations on mounting prints, aimed at new members, take place during practical sessions throughout the year. If in doubt, please talk to any committee member before mounting your print. The club have a mount cutter that can be booked out to members.

PDI Preparation

PDI entries must be sized to a maximum of 1400 pixels along the base and no greater than 1050 pixels in height. Please click anywhere on this paragraph for some guides to preparing your PDI entries.

If you need further advice on competitions, please do not hesitate to contact either of the Competition Secretaries or any member of the Committee who will be happy to help you.

Annual Awards

We hold an annual awards ceremony each year directly after our AGM. Many of our trophies are very old and have a lot of camera club history and tradition attached to them so being awarded one and having ones name engraved is always something of an honour. A full list of our trophies can be found below.

Merit Print Competition Awards

  • Beginner – Shield
  • Intermediate – Margetson Shield
  • Advanced – Coleman Cup

Merit Projected Image Competition Awards

  • Beginner – Norman Cup
  • Intermediate – Alexander Cup
  • Advanced – Pennels Cup

Set Subject

  • Shield

Annual Print Competition Awards

  • Best Print – Crouch Cup
  • Best Print Runner Up – Gardiner Cup
  • Best Portrait – Patching Cup
  • Best Landscape – Fox Cup
  • Best Monochrome – Chris Peet Memorial Trophy
  • Best Natural History – Spencer Cup
  • Best General Subject – Connie Dickson Salver

Annual Projected Digital Image Competition Awards

  • Best Portrait – Stephenson Trophy
  • Best Landscape – Projected Image Cup
  • Best Natural History – Loader Cup
  • Best Monochrome – Moor Cup 2
  • Best General – Watts Cup
  • Best in competition – Beney Shield
  • Best runner up – Moor Cup

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded to the most improved member who has shown a marked improvement over the season.

The Chairman’s Cup is awarded at the discretion of the Chairman to a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the club.

Please remember that these trophies are the property of the club and will need to be returned in good time (cleaned and polished please) for the next recipients to have their names engraved on them. The club will let you know when and to whom they need to be handed into near the appropriate time.

COMPETITION SCORES & RESULTS 2017/18 (Links will be added as results become available)


1st PDI Merit (3rd October) Scores Beginner Scores Intermediate Scores Advanced

2nd PDI Merit (21st November)  Scores Beginner Scores Intermediate Scores Advanced

3rd PDI Merit (16th January) Scores Beginner Scores Intermediate  Scores Advanced

4th PDI Merit (20th March) Scores Beginner Scores Intermediate Scores Advanced

Final PDI Merit Results Final Merit Tables – Print 2017-18


1st Print Merit (24th October) Scores Beginners Scores Intermediate Scores Advanced

2nd Print Merit (12th December)  Scores Beginners  Scores Intermediate Scores Advanced

3rd Print Merit (27th February) Scores Beginners Print Scores Intermediate Scores Advanced

4th Print Merit (3rd April) Scores Beginner Scores Intermediate Scores Advanced

Final Print Merit Results Final Merit Tables – PDI 2017-18


Set Subject – Portrait (28th November) Scores

Print Panel Competition (6th February) Scores

Ronald Cain Trophy PDI – Worthing (6th March) Scores

Set Subject PDI- Sport (10th April) Scores

Annual PDI Competition (24th April) Scores

Annual Print Competition (1st May) Scores


Mix-n-match between Worthing, Southwick & Steyning (5th December)

Inter-club between Worthing and Southwick (6th February) scores development scores advanced


Sussex Federation PDI Championship (4th November 17)

Sussex Federation Print Championship (21st April 18)

Regnum Print (17th November 17)

Crouch Shield (29th March 18) REGNUM PDI 2018 Individual Scores REGNUM PDI 2018 Results in Club Order


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