About Our Club Competitions

As we are coming out of Covid restrictions, we are working towards re-introducing print competitions and further details will be included in next season’s programme and posted on this website.

As a club, we regularly compete against each other in competition. In order to try and keep it fair, our members are divided into three classes (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) for the Merit Competitions which are basically leagues for each class to compete against each other over the course of a season. The Open Competitions do not have any classes and are usually either a set single subject or have subject divisions.

The Print Panel competition is a set of inter-related prints, normally consisting of an odd number of mounts which are arranged in a set order, designed to be the most pleasing.

The PDI Set Subject Competition varies as either the Programme Secretary or Competition Secretary sets the subject for each competition which might be a straight forward subject such as ‘The Beach’ or maybe a more subjective subject like ‘Mood’.

Our Annual Print and PDI competitions are made up of five subjects; General, Landscape, Nature, Monochrome, and Portrait. Our members generally enter their very best into these and the standards are exceptionally high. A winner is declared from each subject and then a Print or PDI of the Year is then declared from one of these five, along with a runner-up.

Ronald Cain Trophy – this is a bi-annual competition, which centres around Worthing as its subject. Ronald was a member of our club during the sixties and had an abiding love for Worthing. His nephew, Colin Howard, donated a trophy for this purpose to commemorate his Uncle. This is intended to be a prestigious competition and Colin, an experienced photographer and judge himself, will be judging this event.

In all of the above competitions, an independent judge casts his or her expert eye over each entry, providing advice and constructive criticism on them individually before awarding a score (out of twenty) and finally deciding on the best Print or PDI of the night. It might seem, at first glance, that the open competitions are a bit unfair on the beginners who have to compete against members with many years of experience. This is not actually the case as a Beginner or Intermediate entry very often wins.

Merit Competitions allow three images to be entered per member and, of these, the highest two scores count towards the annual merit total. This encourages members to try something new and adventurous to see how well (or badly) it scores while the “regular” images provide some comfort if the judge just doesn’t appreciate the “risky” image!

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